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Zandi K Salon in Lakewood, CO, faced significant digital hurdles, impacting its ability to attract new clients. Their website was not only inefficient but also lacked essential features like conversion tracking, crucial for understanding customer interactions. Additionally, the salon struggled to achieve a strong presence in search engine results, a key factor for business growth in the competitive hair salon industry. This lack of online visibility and efficiency was a major setback for a salon eager to expand its client base and establish a robust digital footprint.

The salon's digital challenges required a comprehensive and strategic approach. In a vibrant city like Lakewood, where the beauty industry is highly competitive, Zandi K Salon needed to enhance its online visibility and appeal to attract a diverse and style-conscious clientele. The inefficiency of their website and poor search engine ranking were significant barriers that needed to be addressed to improve their market position and client engagement.

Project details:

  • Website Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Citation Management
  • View Live Site

Our Solution

Zandi K Salon's transformation began with a new website design, focusing on speed and efficiency to enhance user experience. This new, optimized website was a crucial step in redefining the salon's online presence. Alongside this, a robust SEO campaign was initiated, encompassing citation creation and management, Google Business Profile optimization, on-site content optimization, technical SEO improvements, and strategic off-site optimization. The salon also ventured into Google Ads creation and management, aiming to increase visibility and attract targeted clientele.

The Results

The results of this comprehensive digital strategy were impressive. Zandi K Salon experienced a 210% increase in Google Impressions, significantly enhancing its online visibility. The salon also saw a 30% increase in Google Search Clicks and a remarkable 90% increase in conversions, indicating the effectiveness of the new website and digital marketing strategies. Additionally, the Trust Flow score increased to over 20, reflecting the website's improved authority and reliability. The implementation of website conversion tracking was a pivotal step, enabling the salon to monitor the impact of their online strategies and make data-driven decisions for future marketing endeavors.
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