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SEO is the number 1 ingredient to the success of Roots Southern Salon!  Our goal was to be on the first page of Google for valuable keywords and executing a successful SEO plan is how we helped grow Roots to over $1,150,000 in annual revenue in just 3 years.


We are the leading SEO agency in the salon industry and can help any and all salon owners increase new clients via SEO.  This is typically the HIGHEST ROI that you can invest your marketing dollars in to!

While SEO can get a little technical, any owner can do what we did-- time is the biggest factor. The goal is to have your salon name pop up on the first page in Google, Google Mobile, and Google Local-- with the first three organic spaces being the prime real estate.

Lucas Renfroe, Co-Owner of Roots Southern Salon

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Full Site Technical Optimization

Homepage Content Optimization

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Google My Business Optimization & Integration

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Instagram Insights Integration

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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, no two projects are the same, and each project we take on has a custom-tailored process that fits our client’s needs and goals. With that said, there is a basic structure that informs all our SEO campaigns: Audit – Optimize – Track – Repeat.

1. Audit

The first step in our SEO process is to perform an initial audit and research. This stage allows us to understand our client’s place in the market, establish goals and targets, and develop a preliminary plan of attack. The audit and research will cover, among others, the following topics:

  • Technical Structure/Architecture
  • Competitor Investigation
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Analysis
  • Phone Consultation

2. Optimize

Once the initial audit and research are complete, we will present a comprehensive SEO plan. Understanding our client’s goals, market, and competition allows us to create a tailored plan that get the desired results. As a part of this stage, we look at optimizing a mix of the following factors:

  • Keyword usage and density – After identifying strategic keywords in step one, we optimize existing content for all the targeted keywords.
  • Site structure – We dive into the technical details and make sure that we’re getting the most out of meta-data, title tags, headers, navigation, and more.
  • Site errors – Dead links, 404 errors, and broken pages all hurt SEO results. We crawl our client’s sites to make sure that everything is working just as it should.
  • Content Optimization – Content is key to moving up in the search engine rankings. We will optimize existing content for keyword usage, make sure title tags are being used properly, and insert image alt-tags as necessary. We can also provide original, keyword rich content and copy for your website.
  • Search engine submission – SEO work is dependent on the search engine bots properly crawling a website. Through sitemap creation and submission, we make sure that Google, Bing, and the others are crawling every indexed page.
  • Local results – Google is focusing more on providing locally relevant search results, and so we optimize websites, social media pages, and local directories to get the most from local traffic.
  • And more – Each SEO strategy is custom-tailored to our client’s needs. See our pricing tables for a full listing of optimizing strategies we offer.

3. Track

Every business has specific goals in mind, and we provide detailed analytics and tracking data to ensure that those goals are being met. Through in-depth reports, we can see exactly what is working, what isn’t working, and why.

Beyond seeing what is working, our meticulous eye for detail guarantees that our clients are getting a return on their SEO investment.

4. Repeat

As the search engines continue to refine their algorithms, we keep a close eye on our results – constantly refining our techniques to keep ahead of the curve. We keep close tabs on our client’s goals to ensure that we continue to meet and exceed their expectations; while regular re-audits of client sites confirm that we are maintaining keyword rankings and successful websites.

SEO is an on-going game, and we provide lasting and adaptable solutions that reflect the latest in search engine technology.

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