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Shaves and Fades

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Shaves and Fades, stepping into the competitive barber industry in Lexington, KY, faced the foundational challenge of establishing a digital presence from the ground up. As a new business, the absence of a website and a Google ranking meant that Shaves and Fades was virtually invisible in the digital landscape. This lack of online presence was a significant hurdle in an era where the first interaction a customer often has with a business is online. For a barber shop looking to make its mark and attract clientele in a bustling city, establishing a strong digital identity was not just important – it was essential.

The task at hand for Shaves and Fades was not merely about creating a website but about crafting an online persona that mirrored the quality, style, and ethos of their physical barber shop. In a city like Lexington, known for its vibrant community and diverse tastes, it was crucial for Shaves and Fades to make a strong digital debut. This was necessary to not only attract the modern, tech-savvy clientele but also to establish a foothold in the local market.

Project details:

Our Solution

To navigate these initial challenges, Shaves and Fades embarked on a journey to build its digital identity. The cornerstone of this strategy was the development of a new website. The website was designed to be super-fast and efficient, ensuring a seamless user experience that reflected the professionalism and modernity of the barber shop. Alongside the website, a comprehensive SEO campaign was rolled out. This included citation creation and management, optimization of the Google Business Profile, on-site content optimization, technical SEO improvements, and strategic off-site optimization. These efforts were focused on building the barber shop's online visibility and making it easily discoverable to potential clients in Lexington.

The Results

The outcome of this digital strategy was the successful launch of a new website, marking Shaves and Fades' entry into the online world. The website not only served as a digital storefront for the barber shop but also as a platform to showcase their services and brand story. Additionally, the implementation of website conversion tracking was a crucial step in measuring the effectiveness of their online presence. This allowed Shaves and Fades to gather insights on customer interactions, enabling them to refine their digital strategies and enhance customer engagement continually.
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