The Importance of Having a Vision for Your Salon

The Importance of Having a Vision for Your Salon

As a salon owner, you are constantly faced with industry competition. This means that you are also constantly looking for ways to make your salon stand out amongst the crowd. While there are endless technical ways to do this, from social media to SEO, it all starts with one thing: a vision. Making your business stand out requires a sense of direction, and building a vision for your salon is the way to do so.

Why is it important to have a vision for your salon?


Having a vision means being able to visualize exactly what it is that you want your salon to be. More so, it’s being able to identify what direction your salon is heading. Where do you want to be financially? What about physically? What do you want to achieve? It’s nearly impossible to plan anything for your salon without knowing where you’re heading.

Establishing a vision is incredibly important for the success of your salon, but also for consistency and performance. It helps you implement solid values which contribute to a consistent, healthy, and driven team of employees. If you establish a vision for your salon, then every decision you make going forward will be filtered through it. This means that everyone would then be on the same page, contributing to common goals and one overall vision in your salon.

How do you create a vision for your salon?


In order to build out a vision for your salon, you have to know what you want at its core.  Creating a vision means determining what your business values most, and what your goals are. What are your core values, and what is your core purpose? In order to figure out the “how” of your vision, you have to start with the “what” and the “why.”

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What are some examples of implementing a vision in your salon?


Vision Board

Visualization can be an incredibly powerful tool for creating and understanding your goals. Concerning your salon, visualization can easily happen with the use of a creative and mission-driven vision board. A vision board for your salon can be customized any way you want, as it’s simply a display of the desires you have for your business. Inspiration photos, quotes, graphics, and graphs are all things that could potentially be included on a vision board. The unique thing about using a vision board as a way to build your salon vision is that it can be a team effort. Consider creating a vision board for your salon with your team and placing it in a communal area that is seen often. Not only will your team be on the same page about what your salon values are, but it will serve as a constant reminder as to what your salon is working towards as a whole!

Vision Statement

While a mission statement focuses more on the why and how aspects of your salon, a vision statement focuses on guiding your salon in the right direction. A vision statement for your salon is centered around what you imagine your perfect salon to look like, rather than why you want it to look that way. A great place to start is thinking of the ways you’d like your staff to be interacting with clients and what you want the company culture to be. It’s important to think of how your vision (and vision statement) set you apart from other salons/salon owners.

New Hire Training

As mentioned above, projects such as vision boards can serve as good reinforcements of what your salon vision is and how to implement it when working. Coordinating the proper new hire training ensures that any new stylists or staff members of your salon are aware of the “why” of your salon and what standards they are upholding.

Salon Meetings

Coordinating regular salon meetings is a simple way to constantly tie things back to your vision. By always relating your initiatives in the salon back to what you’re working towards, you’re allowing the rest of the salon to understand the meaning behind their time. Repetition is the key to anything, and it’s especially useful in making your vision a reality. Likewise, this is also a great way to improve your overall company culture.

A salon vision can’t be created without thorough time management. Check out our blog to read about our top 5 recommendations for managing your time as a salon owner!

 Key Takeaway’s for Your Salon


  1. It’s crucial to make your business stand out in the beauty industry, and having a vision and sense of direction is the best place to start, as you can’t plan without direction.
  2. If you establish a vision for your salon, then every decision you make going forward will be filtered through it and your team will be on the same page about your salon’s direction.
  3. A few examples of ways you can implement your salon’s vision are creating a vision statement, a communal vision board, organizing new hire training, and holding regular (and repetitive) company meetings.