Shooting a Video Header for Your Homepage

how to shoot a video header for your salon website header

Videos can be a great marketing tool for your business. Video headers in particular are a new and upcoming way to spice up your homepage and catch the attention of your viewers from the start.

If you’re unsure of how to go about doing this, we’ve gathered some of our best tips and practices on shooting a video header for your homepage. Here are some suggestions:

Make it easy on yourself, use your phone!

Your video header can be shot with any newer smartphone by simply using your camera app.

Film Horizontally

When filming, holding the phone horizontally works best for a video header on your website.

Have a Steady Hand

A shaky video header can look unprofessional and can make you dizzy. A few quick tips on keeping a steady hand are to use a selfie stick/tripod for your shots, lean on a wall or chair as you shoot, and check for any available stability features on your phone camera.

Ditch the Decor

If possible, shoot your video when you don't have holiday themed decor in the salon. The video works best when you can't tell what season it is.

Think About the Lighting

Consider your lighting when filming. We typically recommend shooting your video header during daylight hours.

No watermarks or logos

Don't use video editing software that adds a watermark to your video (some free versions do this). Don't add watermarks yourself, either. This includes text or logos on top of the video. If you need recommendations for video editing apps, let us know what type of phone or computer you have and we'll point you in the right direction!

Don't speak to the camera

There will be no sound on the video header once it's placed on your website, as it will be used as a background video!

No Jarring Transitions

This video will be looping - which means it will repeatedly be playing. It's important to think about this during editing and choosing the right transitions between videos. You don't want jarring transitions from shot to shot, slowing down the videos, etc.

Create a Storyboard

Once the basics are out of the way, create a storyboard, or a representation of your planned shots, for your salon. Here are some quick examples of shooting a video header for your website:

  • Pan shot of entrance/lobby/reception area of salon

  • Walking to the client chair

  • Someone mixing color (up-close shot of color being mixed)

  • Hair being painted (Up-close)

  • Stylist washing client hair and chatting with them

  • Hand-tied extensions being put in (up-close)

  • Hair being curled

  • Stylist taking pictures of clients hair to share on social media

Lucas Renfroe
About The Author
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