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Totally Hott Salon, a trendy hair salon in Rye Brook, NY, was facing significant digital challenges that were hindering its ability to attract and retain new clients. The salon's online presence, primarily through its website, was not performing up to the mark. This inefficiency in the digital domain was a critical issue, as the website was slow, not user-friendly, and lacked essential features like conversion tracking. Moreover, the salon was struggling to achieve a notable presence in search engine results, which is increasingly crucial in the highly competitive beauty industry. For a salon with a name like Totally Hott, it was essential to have an online presence that matched its bold and stylish brand.

The digital struggles of Totally Hott Salon extended beyond just an underperforming website. The lack of a comprehensive and strategic approach to digital marketing was evident. In a bustling area like Rye Brook, where the market is saturated with beauty and hair care options, it was crucial for Totally Hott Salon to enhance its online visibility and appeal to attract the fashion-conscious clientele of the region.

Project details:

  • Website Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Citation Management
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Our Solution

To revitalize its digital presence, Totally Hott Salon embarked on an ambitious digital transformation. The first step was a complete overhaul of their website, focusing on creating a super-fast, efficient, and user-friendly design. This new website was not just about aesthetics; it was optimized for performance, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience. Alongside the website redesign, a comprehensive SEO campaign was rolled out. This included a mix of strategies like citation creation and management, Google Business Profile optimization, on-site content optimization, technical SEO improvements, and strategic off-site optimization. Additionally, the salon also implemented Google Ads creation and management to further boost its online visibility and attract targeted clientele.

The Results

The results of this digital overhaul were remarkable. Totally Hott Salon experienced a staggering 210% increase in website traffic, a clear indicator of its enhanced online presence and appeal. The salon also saw a significant 90% increase in conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of the new website and digital marketing strategies. Moreover, the Trust Flow score increased to over 20, reflecting the website's improved authority and reliability in the digital space. Crucially, the implementation of website conversion tracking enabled the salon to effectively monitor and understand the impact of their online strategies, facilitating data-driven decisions for future marketing endeavors.
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