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Behr and Bush, a renowned waxing salon located in the charming town of Centerville, OH, faced digital challenges that were impeding its ability to connect with a broader client base. Despite their expertise in providing top-notch waxing services, the salon's digital presence was marred by an inefficient and outdated website. This not only detracted from the salon's professional image but also made it difficult for potential clients to engage with their services online. The absence of conversion tracking further complicated their ability to measure and understand the effectiveness of their online strategies, leaving a significant gap in their digital marketing efforts.

The salon's struggles were rooted in a digital presence that didn't match the quality of their in-salon experience. The outdated design of their website failed to capture the modern and welcoming essence of Behr and Bush, and the lack of efficient functionality meant potential clients could not easily find the information they needed. This disconnect between their online and offline presence was a key barrier to attracting new clients and retaining existing ones in an increasingly digital world.

Project details:

Our Solution

Addressing these challenges, a tailored solution was crafted for Behr and Bush. The cornerstone of this transformation was the development of a new website. The fresh website design not only aligned with the salon's modern and sophisticated brand image but was also optimized for speed and efficiency, ensuring a seamless user experience. This was crucial in reducing bounce rates and keeping potential clients engaged. Additionally, the implementation of conversion tracking was a significant step forward. This allowed the salon to gain valuable insights into user behavior, measure the effectiveness of their online presence, and make data-driven decisions to further enhance their digital marketing strategies.

The Results

The impact of these changes was profound. Behr and Bush achieved the coveted position of being number one in Google search results for their area, a testament to the effectiveness of their new website and optimized digital presence. The fresh website design not only attracted more visitors but also significantly improved user engagement. With the implementation of conversion tracking, Behr and Bush could now accurately track the success of their online efforts, leading to more informed and strategic marketing decisions. This digital transformation marked a new era for Behr and Bush, positioning them as a leading waxing salon in Centerville, both offline and online.
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