Photography Guide for Salons & Spas

 Photography Guide for Salons & Spas

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The beauty industry is a visual industry, making photography an essential part of promoting your salon business online. Whether you’re showcasing your latest haircuts, team members, or overall salon ambiance, branded photography can attract and retain potential clients.

As salon marketing experts, here are our top tips to improve your salon’s photography skills:

Invest in the right equipment

Not everyone wants to mix work with their personal life, and that’s okay! While smartphones can take decent photos, investing in a DSLR camera can take your photography to the next level and help you organize your salon’s content.  Look for a camera that’s user-friendly and has the ability to shoot in manual mode.

Understand lighting

Lighting can make or break your photos. Invest in studio lighting or take advantage of natural light to capture your shots. If you’re using a smart phone, you can even purchase a ring light that makes shooting on-the-go seem far more professional. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different angles that showcase different lighting. While a yellow, hard light might suit one salon, another could prefer to take the softer, more natural route.

Find the right backdrop

The backdrop of your salon’s photoshoot is just as important as the main focus of it! While every salon’s aesthetic will differ, it’s important to choose a backdrop that aligns with your brand and paints a pleasant picture of your business. Plan accordingly to ensure that your space is clean and clutter-free. If there are any visible props, make sure that they complement your salon’s style and vibe.

Example: Is there a notable brand pattern displayed on a wall within your salon? If so, this could be a perfect backdrop!

Coordinate with your team

Rallying your troops can be tricky when everyone in your salon is on a tight schedule. If you have a photoshoot in mind, allow for enough time to inform your staff of any particular colors or uniforms that you’d like them to wear on the day of the shoot. The more cohesive the team is, the better the branded photoshoot will turn out.

Shoot Horizontally

If you think you might want to use the content from your photoshoot elsewhere (your website), then it’s best for your image orientation to be horizontal. The more space between the camera and the shot means that there is more room to potentially crop and edit the photo to fit a certain theme. Horizontal photos also allow for more subjects to fit into the frame.

Hire a professional photographer

Even if all of the above tips don’t sound all that difficult, we understand that they can be time-consuming when trying to simultaneously run your salon business. If that’s the case, don’t be shy about reaching out to a local professional. A good photography will be able to hear your vision and bring it to life. It’s also a great way to network within your community!

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