What We’re Offering

With the current environment we know how important it is to keep a positive and calm face on during the coronavirus crisis. Salon.Marketing is open and working per our normal schedules currently! We are working hard to ensure our clients have the best possible chance for success!


One of the measures that we are taking for our clients is to notify their website visitors of their current policy/process for COVID-19. We have added a notification bar to the top of some of our client’s websites that directs visitors to a page that gives their latest information on COVID-19.


Salon.Marketing is offering to do this for ANY SALON that uses WordPress FREE OF CHARGE. Whether you are a current client or not, we will add this notification and page to your current WordPress website. If you are a current client that has a non-WordPress site, we can work with you to get this added. Not all platforms give you the ability to add a customization notification bar though. You can see an example of this implementation here: https://rootssouthernsalon.com.


If you like this notification bar added to your salon’s website fill out the form below and our team will get to work!

Request Website Notification Bar

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