How Your Salon Can Benefit From Guest Blogging

How Your Salon Can Benefit From Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

 What is Guest Blogging?


Guest blogging is writing industry-related content for another website, or vice-versa. Guest blogging for another website within the industry is a great form of collaboration because it’s beneficial to everyone involved. Salon owners just like us are eager to find the latest information and advice on what they can improve on. Whether you’re sharing a new hairstyle that’s trending in your salon or you’re offering advice on what’s helped your salon operate more efficiently, guest blogging is a great way to increase traffic to your website, build authority within the industry, increase the number of quality backlinks, and grow your personal and professional network.

Why Should I Write Guest Blogs?


Increased Traffic to Your Website

When you’re producing content for a guest blog, the goal is to produce quality content that is considered useful in some way. In other words, fellow salon owners should be able to take away something from what you’ve written. This increases the chances of readers venturing over to your site for more information, increasing your own website traffic, and giving your salon online exposure. Guest blogging can also increase traffic to your website from the links to your site that are within the blog and if the user you’re guest blogging for shares out your work on their social media accounts.

More Industry Authority

As mentioned before, offering valuable and quality content is the key to successful guest blogging. While creating useful guest content increases traffic to your salon’s website, having it shared on a reputable salon-related source also helps in establishing your business and website as a resource for information. Whether the reader is local and books a service with you or not, finding value in your content will urge readers to come to your site for industry-related information, giving you a certain level of authority.

More Quality Backlinks for SEO

Simply put, a backlink is a link to your site, posted on another site, that can boost your ranking. Having more backlinks is essential for optimizing your salon’s SEO ranking, because the more recognizable your content is, the more trustworthy you are in Google’s eyes. Guest blogging is a simple and effective way to increase the number of backlinks to your salon website and increase your chances of being found when searching.

 A Broadened Personal and Professional Network

Building a sense of community within your industry is incredibly important as a business owner. Not only is it important for generating fresh ideas and exploring collaboration opportunities with like-minded individuals, but it gives you a community of people to converse with about industry-related topics. From discussing trending topics to experimenting with different marketing tactics, it’s always beneficial to look at other perspectives and see what works and doesn’t work for another business owner.

guest blogging

How Do I Begin Guest Blogging?


Finding a Beauty/Salon Blog That Accepts Guest Writers

The key to guest blogging as a business owner is to know what kind of reputable blogs in your industry are accepting guest writers. The technical side of searching for a site to write a guest blog/article for is what to physically search on Google. A good place to start with this is by searching for a keyword related to the beauty/salon industry that is followed by “guest posting/guest blogging.” Beyond this, it becomes about simply searching for sites that meet those requirements but aren’t your competitors. It’s essential to make sure that the blog you decide to guest post on is a source of information rather than a source of spam content. Additional things to make note of when choosing the website to be a guest writer for is whether the site is sharing their guests’ blogs onto their social media accounts. If the beauty blog you’re writing for shares their content onto their social media accounts, this is yet another way that traffic to your own blog can be increased, building your authority and improving traffic.

Advertising Yourself in Your Guest Blog

When writing your guest blog, be wary of directly advertising your own salon in a way that would cause the readers to believe that you are serving yourself rather than them. The place to put your personal information in a guest blog is in the biography section that will either be at the top or the bottom of the blog, depending on the site. If a reader likes your content, the chances of them venturing to your site for more of your own content afterward is higher. Likewise, because you didn’t directly advertise your own business, trust is gained. For example, here’s an “About the Author” section that is featured at the end of each blog that is published on SalonToday.com

Guest Blogging



The basic idea behind guest blogging is simple. As mentioned, your readers are supposed to take something away from your blog and find it useful. Whoever is reading your salon-related guest blog should be doing so because they’re interested in learning something. The two most important details to remember when writing is what beneficial information you’re trying to share and how you can share it while following the blog’s guidelines you’re producing content for. All in all (besides the personal benefits to your own business), you are writing a guest blog to influence, inform, and create a bond with new readers.

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Key Takeaways for Your Salon


  1. Guest blogging as a salon owner means writing, submitting, and promoting content on other sites within your industry to benefit your salon by attracting more users to your website.
  2. Guest blogging on high-quality sites within the salon industry is a simple way to increase the traffic to your website, build industry authority, generate quality backlinks for SEO, and broaden your personal and professional networks.
  3. Finding what sites to begin guest blogging for means looking for sites within the industry that accept guest submissions, are reputable, and share their content on social media platforms to generate further traffic to your own salon’s content.