How Consistent Photoshoots Can Elevate Your Hair Business

 How Consistent Photoshoots Can Elevate Your Hair Business 

How Consistent Photoshoot Can Elevate Your Hair Business

A photoshoot is a powerful addition to any hair salon marketing strategy. Not only are photoshoots useful for showcasing your services, but also for establishing your salon’s brand identity in a variety of ways. It’s important that you regularly incorporate a photoshoot into your schedule, as your staff is likely to fluctuate and your brand could evolve over time.

Here are just a few ways that prioritizing a branded photoshoot for your beauty business can up your marketing game.

Social Media Promotion

The beauty industry is a visual industry, therefore showcasing your services on social media platforms is important for the growth of your business. As a salon owner, you can utilize high-quality, aesthetically pleasing photos from your shoot to promote your business online. By sharing them on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can attract potential clients and build a strong online presence.

 Tip: You can tag any hairstylists, makeup artists, or models involved in your photoshoot to expand their reach and engage with a wider audience. With Instagram’s Collaboration feature, the posts that you make on your business profile have the potential to be reposted by those you tag, increasing your online exposure.


Your website should be more than a pretty brochure, and you should have content that is original to your salon. When a potential client visits your website, they shouldn’t be met with an abundance of stock photos. Instead, a branded photoshoot of your team and your salon’s interior establishes a clear brand and establishes legitimacy. Using original, branded photography on your website also decreases the possibility of a customer being misled.

Tip: Don’t forget the smaller details, such as team headshots on your “About” or “Meet The Team” page.

Google Business Profile Posts

If you aren’t already optimizing your salon’s Google Business Profile, this is your sign. One of the many features of a GBP is the ability to optimize both the cover photo of your business and add additional photos of your choice (so long as they abide by Google’s posting guidelines).

Because a Google profile is what a client typically finds before visiting your business in-person, making a great first impression is important. Having a branded photoshoot of all aspects of your salon on your profile also builds trust and transparency.

What To Include In Your Salon Photoshoot:

Salon Interior

Salon Exterior

Salon Lobby/Amenities (Example: Coffee bar)

Team Photo

Individual Team Headshots

Reception Counter

Retail Display/Boutique

Stylists In-Action

Branded Details (Example: Patterned Wall)

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