Google Confirmed November 2019 Google Local / Google Maps Update

Google Confirmed November 2019 Google Local / Google Maps Update

There is no secret that Google tends to keep the algorithm close to the vest.  Google has never and will most likely never reveal the details of an algorithm change before it is implemented, thus we (SEO agencies) rely on community data and speculation to help make decisions on content and technical changes.

One of these community data sources is twitter and a few key profiles that share insider data in relation to Google algo updates.

In November 2019, we saw rankings go crazy especially in Google Local (Google Maps) search results.  After some careful research we were able to nail down that there was in-fact an algorithm update related to Google Local.

1. Google added neural matching to local queries in November.  Google initially rolled neural matching in 2018 for normal organic search inquiries back in 2018:



2. Google is calling the update “The Nov. 2019 Local Search Update”. It is rolled out but the AI driving it can change the algorithm over time:


  3. The water has apparently settled and adjustments can start being made to keep up with the algorithm change:


4. This update pulls data from your Google My Business profile listing, but it also is pulling data from elsewhere in determining your ranking.  These other sources could be; your website, online citations, backlink anchors, etc.  Here’s Danny’s answer :



The moral of the story is that Google is an ever changing machine that will never stop progressing.  You either need to keep up with the algorithm updates and make necessary adjustments or hire a reasonable and knowledgeable team to do it for you if you want to have a chance in Google Search!

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