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First Step to Success

Your website audit is on the way!

You just took the first step towards success! The SEO audit you will get in your inbox will show you what needs to be fixed on your website to jump start your overall SEO strategy. This audit will help you perform the technical clean-up aspects. These are some pretty important factors in the success of the overall SEO campaign.

If you can knock out all of the recommendations listed, you are half way to executing an AWESOME SEO strategy!

Next Steps

Initial Technical Optimization – You will need to take the audit provided and fix as many issues as possible.  This usually takes us 10- 20 hours of work depending on the issues found.

Initial Content Optimization – You will need to do keyword research to find out which phrases are being searched in your area.  Then create / write content for your website that reflects the most valuable keywords.  Content includes: Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Headings, Paragraph Text, etc.  This usually takes us 10 – 20 hours initially.

Ongoing Content and Technical Optimization – You need to monitor your site and have audits performed at least monthly for both content and technical errors.  Then fix the errors found.  This takes 5 – 15 hours per month.

Ongoing Off-Site Optimization – Off-Site Optimization is one of the most important and beneficial parts of an SEO strategy.  Components of an off-site strategy are: Google My Business, Citation Management and Building, Backlink Building, Duplicate Data Cleanup, etc.  This takes 5 – 15 hours per month.

Tracking – After you have done all of this work and continue to spend multiple hours per month on an SEO strategy, it is important to monitor the results.  You need to make sure you are tracking: Rankings for valuable keywords, website traffic, goal completions, search impressions, click through rate, competition, backlinks, etc.  This takes set-up time and an ongoing recurring monthly fee from a third party.

DIY or Get Help?

It is 100% possible for you to execute a Search Engine Optimization strategy on your own. The audit that we have provided is an excellent start in doing just that. The issue that we have found is that most Salon and Spa owners just don't have the time to spend on what it takes to execute a complete strategy in order to maximize results (MORE NEW CLIENTS!)

As you can see, the steps to a successful SEO Strategy can be VERY time consuming!

So the real question is: Do you want to spend your valuable time doing all of this stuff that you don't love to do?

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At Salon.Marketing we understand that all salons are not created equal. That’s why we offer plans to help all salons – whether you’re a suite owner or have many locations.

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Each SEO project has a custom-tailored process that fits your salon or spa's unique needs and goals.
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Let our experts handle the technical stuff. Get your time back so you can focus on what really matters in your business.
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The quickets way to make an impact. Fast-track your way to the top of Google Search Results with pay-per-click ads.
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