Finding Your Perfect Client: A Deep-Dive into Identifying Your Salon’s Target Market

how to find your perfect salon client

Every business has a special group of people who love what they offer. These people are called the 'target market.' For salons and spas, it's important to know who these people are. By understanding them, you can make sure your services and messages reach them. Let's explore how to find and understand your perfect client.

Imagine you have a special gift, but you're not sure who to give it to. You'd want to find someone who'd love and appreciate it, right? That's what businesses do with their products and services. They find the right people who'd love what they offer. For salons and spas, this means finding the perfect clients who'd love their treatments and ambiance.

1. What's a target market anyway?

A target market is like a group of friends who all love the same thing. For a salon, it could be people who love trendy haircuts or relaxing spa treatments. These people have things in common, like age, where they shop, or what they like to do for fun. When you know these things, you can make sure your messages and services are just right for them.

2. Starting with FAmiliar Faces:

A good place to start is with people who already love your salon or spa. They can tell you why they come back and what they love most. By asking them questions like where they shop, what they like to do, or even their age, you can get a good idea of who your perfect client might be.

3. Creating a picture of your perfect client:

Imagine if you could draw a picture of your perfect client. What would they look like? What would they like? This picture is called a 'client avatar.' It helps you understand exactly who you want to reach. By knowing things like what they value, what they search for online, or how much they're willing to spend, you can make sure your services are perfect for them.

4. Becky vs. karen - knowing who's who:

Let's talk about two types of clients: Becky and Karen. Becky is the dream client. She looks up your salon online, books her appointment, and even leaves a nice review. Karen, on the other hand, might not be the best fit. She might come late or not be clear about what she wants. By knowing the difference between a Becky and a Karen, you can make sure you attract more Beckys to your salon.

5. Why it's important to know your target market:

Knowing your target market is like having a map. It shows you where to go and how to get there. Without it, you might end up lost. For salons and spas, this means making sure the right people hear about their services. When the right people come to your salon, both you and the client win. They get the service they love, and you get a happy customer.


Finding and understanding your target market is like finding the key to a treasure chest. It unlocks the door to success for your salon or spa. By taking the time to know who your perfect client is, you can make sure your salon or spa shines the brightest.

Lucas Renfroe
About The Author
Lucas Renfroe is a digital marketing expert, the CEO of Salon.Marketing, and owner of Roots Southern Salon in Savannah, GA. Due to the tremendous success of his salon, Lucas is uniquely poised to help salons and spas around the world learn, connect, and grow.

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