Establishing Your Local Hair Salon’s Brand Identity

salon brand identity

As a business owner, it’s important to stand out in your local community. Establishing a strong brand identity, both visually and in your personality, can help set your salon business apart from its competitors. By providing your clients with notable qualities to help recognize and remember your salon, you’ll create a long-lasting impression that leads to a recurring clientele and a powerful online reputation.

Ways to Improve Your Brand Identity

Create a Mission Statement

Your salon’s mission statement should be short, simple, and purposeful. Think about the values the people within your business share, and how those values are displayed throughout your salon. Don’t be limiting, and don’t be afraid to think long-term!

Tip: Include your mission statement somewhere visible, such as your website or Google Business Profile.


If a client were to tell someone about your salon, how would they describe it? While many elements of design in the branding process are related to appearance, it’s important not to leave out the adjectives that create those physical properties.

Start with 3-4 descriptive adjectives that define the impression you wish to have in the beauty industry.  Does your vibe scream mature and luxurious? What about eccentric? The personality of your salon can help dictate not only the physical elements of your brand but also the tone used to voice to write copy online.

Example: The “About Me” page on your website!


Lastly, the appearance of your salon’s brand can’t be forgotten. When someone thinks of “branding,” the first elements to come to mind are typically:

  • Logos

  • Patterns

  • Fonts

  • Colors

  • Special Graphics

  • Website Design

If you’re outsourcing your Branding to a professional, the above components of your salon’s brand identity will be useful in the creation of your overall appearance.

A website is the first place a client will visit before deciding whether to do business with you, so be confident that your mission statement, personality, and appearance are cohesive and accurately representative of your company.

Lucas Renfroe
About The Author
Lucas Renfroe is a digital marketing expert, the CEO of Salon.Marketing, and owner of Roots Southern Salon in Savannah, GA. Due to the tremendous success of his salon, Lucas is uniquely poised to help salons and spas around the world learn, connect, and grow.

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