Background Music in Your Salon: Why it Matters and How to Choose It

Background Music in Your Salon: Why it Matters and How to Choose It

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Having the right background music is an overlooked, but essential part of any business. The music you play in the background of your business is another form of marketing that must be strategically thought about. When thinking of your salon or spa, there are numerous reasons that playing the right music could benefit your clients, your employees, and your revenue!

That being said, determining the ideal genre, volume, and tempo of your salon music can be tricky. To make the process easier, we’ve broken down why background music in your salon is important and how you can create the perfect money-making salon playlist.

Why Is Background Music Important in Your Salon?


Whether you’re working out or trying to relax after a long day, we all know the physiological effects that music can have on the mind. In the case of a salon or spa, enjoyment and relaxation are what you’re aiming for. Customers should be excited about your services and feel relaxed before, during, and after. Likewise, the background music you play in your salon is also a form of entertainment!

Whether your clients are waiting for their appointments or browsing your retail selection, the right background music can entertain and help pass the time. If your client has a relaxing and enjoyable experience, then they will be more inclined to return for another appointment.


Choosing background music that relaxes your clientele goes hand in hand with choosing background music that increases your salon revenue. Salons and spas are intended for relaxation. You don’t want to play music that will stress out your clients or cause them to feel rushed, particularly during a transaction or while they’re browsing your retail selection.

The same mentality goes for a customer shopping in a grocery store. If the music was fast, upbeat, and erratic, the customer would be in a hurry to grab and go. If the music was slower and more relaxed, the customer would take their time finding what they need, likely spending more money.


It’s no secret that music can improve your mood. While it can relax your customers and encourage them to spend more money at your salon, it can also boost morale in your employees. Most people enjoy listening to music while completing a task, and listening while working at a salon is no exception. By playing the right background music, your employees are more likely to be focused, motivated, and in an overall positive mood. Additionally, your staff keeping a positive mindset also contributes to a great company culture! 

Tip: Give your stylists and other employees the opportunity to help create your salon’s playlist!


Just like customers will associate your brand with what they see, they will also do so with what they hear. Memorability and personality are key here. Your salon competitors will also be playing background music, so is what you’re playing going to ensure that your clientele remembers YOU?

Does your playlist stand out?

What is your playlist going to say about your salon’s personality?

Music is a way to express yourself artistically and just as your own playlist is a curation of your tastes and interests, so is the one you create for your business. If you want your clients to know the personality of your salon and what message you’re trying to convey, the background music you choose is the way to do it!

Things to Consider When Choosing Background Music

Time of Day

Is it a busy Saturday after lunch, or is it a slow and quieter Monday morning?  When organizing your salon music, one of the easiest things to do is organize it by how much traffic is in your salon and the time of day is typically a good way to judge this.

Type of Client

While you don’t want to stereotype, taking a quick headcount of what age range your clients fall under when choosing what playlist to use can guide you in your decisions. (A current pop station versus late 80’s rock jams, for instance!)

Current Trends

Lastly, what songs and genres are currently trending? As a last resort, it’s never a bad idea to play the current hits.

Legality Issues with Business Background Music

When you’ve finally created the right playlist(s) for your salon’s background music, there’s one last thing to consider before hitting play. To use a music platform such as Spotify or Apple music in your salon, you’ll need a Public Performance License (PPL) from a Performing Rights Organization. Even if you were to purchase the music on Apple Music, it can only be played in a commercial setting with a PPL. To ensure that your salon isn’t sued for copyright infringement, pay the necessary licensing fees and obtain a license from a Performance Rights Organization. After that, your salon is free to jam!

Key Takeaways for Your Salon


  1. The music you play in the background of your business is another form of marketing that must be strategically thought about.
  2. Choosing the right background music in your salon can help your employees, clients, revenue, brand, and overall brand image.
  3. A few things to consider when choosing the right background music for your salon are the time of day, the current client, and popular music trends.


When you need a break from background music, consider a podcast in your personal time! Check out our blog for 5 motivational salon podcast recommendations!