America’s Beauty Show (ABS) 2022 Recap

America’s Beauty Show (ABS) 2022 Recap

america's beauty show

America’s Beauty Show (ABS) 2022 was all about FUNN. FUNN stands for Flourish, Unite, Network, and Navigate, describing exactly what the beauty came together to celebrate in this epic three-experience. This was a one-of-a-kind industry event that you didn’t want to miss, but if you did, here’s a recap of what to look forward to next year.


If there’s one reason you should undoubtedly attend America’s Beauty Show, let it be for education. In an industry that is constantly evolving, it’s crucial to stay informed on the latest expert-approved tips and trends. The best way to do this is through in-person education surrounded by some of the industry’s top leaders! At ABS, educational opportunities are at every corner. From the classroom to the show floor to the stage, it’s hard to find a space where you aren’t learning.


If you’re looking to connect with fellow beauty enthusiasts and like-minded industry professionals that you otherwise would probably not cross paths with, America’s Beauty Show is the place to be. The convention space leaves no one inaccessible, and you’ll regret not introducing yourself to anyone and everyone you can. You never know who you’ll meet and what you’ll learn!

Show Floor

The show floor of America’s Beauty Show is a blend of educators, brands, students, salon owners, and more. This large and open space is where you can observe professionals showing off their styling talents, chat with brand representatives about their technology equipment, over-spend on beauty accessories, and take advantage of numerous Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. The list goes on.

Pictured: Lucas Renfroe, Texture Revealed by Salon Centric


When attending ABS, you won’t leave empty-handed. While your brains will be full of new and relevant knowledge, your hands will also be full of shopping bags. One of the best perks of attending an in-person beauty conference is getting access to all of the tools and products you’ve had your eye on for a while at a discounted price. Whether your purchases are for personal use or for your salon, you’re in luck all the same!

After Parties

The ABS party didn’t stop when the sun went down. After hours, there were various events led by industry leaders and beauty nonprofit organizations that increased your opportunity to let loose, network, and contribute to a great cause.

Chicago Offsite

When attending a business conference or event of any kind, always leave yourself a little free time to explore the surrounding area. Chicago, Illinois is filled with impressive art, notable architecture, and late-night rendezvous. Here are just a few of the experiences we fit into our short three-day getaway.

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