A Simple Guide to Mobile-Friendly Salon Websites

how to make a mobile-friendly salon website

In today's world, everyone has a phone. Kids, parents, even grandparents use phones to find places, shop, and learn new things. For salon owners, this means one big thing: your salon's website needs to look great on phones! Let's explore how to make your website perfect for phone users.

1. Understanding "Mobile REsponsive":

"Mobile responsive" might sound like a fancy term, but it's pretty simple. Imagine if your salon was like a toy that could grow big in a large room and shrink small in a tiny box. A mobile-responsive website does just that. It changes its size to fit perfectly on big computer screens and small phone screens. This means everything on the website is easy to see and touch, no matter the device.

2. The Importance of Phones:

Phones are like mini-computers we carry everywhere. At the bus stop, in the park, or while waiting for a friend, people use their phones to search for things. This includes looking for salons! If your website looks and works well on phones, it's like having a big, welcoming door for all these phone users. They'll want to learn more about your salon and maybe even book an appointment.

3. Making Visitors Feel Welcome:

Think of your website as your salon's online home. When people visit, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable. If everything is easy to find and use on their phone, they'll enjoy their visit. They can quickly see the services you offer, find your contact details, or read about special offers. A happy online visitor can easily become a happy salon customer.

4. Fast and Smooth:

Imagine waiting in line for a long time. It's not fun, right? The same goes for slow websites. If someone tries to visit your website on their phone and it takes too long to show up, they might leave. Making sure your website loads quickly is like having a fast-moving line in your salon. Everyone gets served quickly and leaves happy.

5. Guiding the way with easy navigation:

On a phone's small screen, everything should be clear and easy. It's like having big, clear signs in your salon showing where everything is. Menus should be simple, buttons should be big enough to tap, and words should be easy to read. This way, visitors can easily find what they're looking for, like how to book an appointment or see the latest hairstyles.

6. The Special Magic of Mobile SEO:

SEO is a way to make your website show up when people search for things on Google. There's a special kind of SEO just for phones. It's like having a bright sign outside your salon that everyone can see. By using this special phone SEO, your salon can be one of the first things people see when they search for salons on their phones.

7. Tips for a perfect mobile website:
  • Pictures and Images: Just like in a photo album, pictures on your website should look clear and pretty on phone screens. They shouldn't be too big or too small.

  • Menus and Buttons: Think of menus as the map of your website. They should guide visitors to where they want to go. Buttons are like signposts, telling visitors what to do next, like "Click Here" or "Learn More."


Phones are a big part of our lives. For salon owners, this means one thing: your website needs to be phone-friendly. By following these tips, your salon's website can be a place where phone users love to visit. And when they do, they'll learn all about the amazing things your salon offers.

Lucas Renfroe
About The Author
Lucas Renfroe is a digital marketing expert, the CEO of Salon.Marketing, and owner of Roots Southern Salon in Savannah, GA. Due to the tremendous success of his salon, Lucas is uniquely poised to help salons and spas around the world learn, connect, and grow.

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