5 Motivational Salon Podcasts For Salon Owners and Stylists

5 Motivational Salon Podcasts For Salon Owners and Stylists

The year is now 2021 and podcasts are still on the rise. From motivational morning routines to true crime stories, there is a podcast for just about anything. Thanks to platforms like Spotify, the salon industry is now among the many topics that you can explore. Hello, salon podcasts!

Do you need an extra boost of encouragement to push through your week? Are you looking to learn something new from someone else in the industry? We’ve compiled a quick playlist of 5 of our favorite podcasts, produced and hosted by salon owners and stylists like us. Grab your headphones and dive in.

Your Motivational Salon Podcast Playlist


salon podcastSalon Owners Collective  by Larissa Macleman

To begin, Salon Owners Collective is all about channeling your inner salon CEO. Larissa focuses mainly on the structure. Her podcast covers anything from salon pricing to time management. This is perfect for those wanting a more goal-oriented listen!



salon podcastsThe Independent Stylist Podcast by Jennifer Kenny

Jennifer speaks from the perspective of a Consultant and discusses topics like finding the perfect suite space and what to do when booking is slow. This salon podcast will probably be your best friend if you’re building your business from the ground up!



salon podcastsThe Thriving Stylist Podcast by Britt Seva

Hosted for stylists and owners that are looking to grow their business, this podcast is a go-to for learning about social media/marketing strategies. As a Strategist herself, Britt uses her salon podcast to provide you with a collection of interviews and coaching opportunities to help you navigate the industry.



salon podcastsBeyond the Technique by Kati Whitledge

In this podcast, Kati highlights what techniques have made a difference for her in the industry. She covers topics such as hiring/training and the art of crafting a marketing message. Katie incorporates a fair mix of interviews with motivational authors, which is great for your overall confidence in the salon.



salon podcastsHair Goals Podcast by SALT Society

Lastly, SALT Society, a hair education company, centers its salon podcast around inspiring both stylists and owners. While some episodes revolve around business management, others focus on what happens behind the chair and give tips to stylists on techniques like balayage and root smudging. If you want a front and back-end perspective, this one is your friend.

In short, podcasts are where it’s at. Whether you’re listening on your way to the salon or while in the office, this playlist of salon-related podcasts covers the conversations you’re itching to have as a salon owner/stylist. From a fellow owner, give them a listen!