5 Easy Steps to Compelling Hair Stylist Bios

 5 Easy Steps to Compelling Stylist Bios 

5 Easy Steps to Compelling Stylist Bios

Did you know that featuring compelling hairstylist bios on your salon’s website could potentially grow your clientele?

No hair appointment is the same, and every client’s experience with a stylist is one-of-a-kind. Depending on their needs and preferences, one stylist might suit them better than another. By having well-crafted employee biographies on your salon’s website, typically located on a “Team” or “About Us” page, you can add a personal touch to your business and provide prospective clients with a deeper understanding of who they are scheduling an appointment with. This also fosters trust and openness and benefits both the individual stylists and the salon as a whole.

Here are five easy ways to encourage your hair stylists to write their bios for your website if they need support (including a Freebie Stylist Bio Template):

Encouraging Stylists To Write Their Bios

Make it a requirement

Communicate to all stylists that creating a bio is a requirement for everyone. Explain why it's important for the company and how it can help showcase their skills and expertise, ultimately landing them new clients.

Provide a template

Give your stylists a template or guide for what to include in their bios, such as their title, area(s) of expertise, and education. This will ensure that all bios are consistent and professional.

Encourage creativity

While it's important to stick to a format, encourage your employees to inject some personality into their bios. Don't be shy about also including a fun fact or hobby.

Lead by example

Encourage the leaders in your salon to create their bios first publicly display them on the company website and social media channels. This will set a good example for other employees to follow.

Offer incentives

Consider offering incentives such as a company lunch to stylists who create high-quality bios. This will give them a tangible reward for their efforts and encourage others to get on board.

A Freebie Stylist Bio Template


Name: [Insert name]

Title: [Insert job title]

Education: [Insert any degrees or certifications earned]

Background and Relevant History: [Insert any relevant work or industry experience]

Personal Interests: [List any personal interests or hobbies that give insight into who you are as a person]

Fun Fact: [Add a fun fact or quirk about yourself to help humanize your bio]

Social Media: [Insert Instagram handle for a more detailed portfolio]



Name: Sarah Williams

Title: Master Stylist

Education: Sarah completed her cosmetology training at Beauty Academy and received additional certifications in advanced hair coloring techniques from Color Masters Academy in 2010.

Background and Relevant History: Sarah has worked in some of the top salons in the country and has developed a reputation for being a top-notch stylist. She is especially skilled in balayage and hand-tied hair extensions.

Interests: In her free time, Sarah enjoys practicing yoga, exploring new coffee shops, and attending music festivals.

Fun Fact: Sarah can speak three languages fluently: English, Spanish, and French.

Social Media: To see more of Sarah’s work, you can follow her on Instagram at @sarah_williams_hair.

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