4 Tips for Reducing No-Shows in Your Salon

4 Tips for Reducing No-Shows in Your Salon

salon no-shows

There are many work environments in which no-show appointments don’t affect the rest of a scheduled day. The salon is not one of them.

A missed appointment means you’ve missed out on the opportunity to fill an empty spot with someone else, and you’re left to re-adjust your schedule until the next client arrives.

While missed appointments aren’t entirely avoidable, there are plenty of things we can do to prevent them from happening as often as they do. At the very least, we can turn them into reasonable cancellations.

Here are those 4 things:

Offering Convenient Online Booking

Giving your clients the ability to book an appointment with you online is beneficial for everyone involved. It’s 2022, and keeping a steady staff is the number one issue in the salon industry. By offering online booking, clients can take their time booking an appointment in your salon on their own and your front desk staff (if you’re fortunate enough to have one) doesn’t have to be bombarded with scheduling calls.

Oftentimes, the front desk can be the busiest spot of them all. Patients can grow frustrated and impatient, and it’s possible that they won’t have time to properly think about what dates and times work best for them, increasing the chances of a no-show appointment. Offering a convenient online booking platform that can be accessed through your salon’s website is the first step in reducing the amount of last-minute, empty booths.

Sending Appointment Reminders & Confirmations

As salon owners and stylists, we have packed schedules. That being said, it’s only fair to assume that our clients also have busy days ahead. It’s possible that some missed appointments are completely accidental. Those that are accidental can be prevented by sending out appointment reminders with the option to confirm or cancel within a reasonable time. Most salon software offers an automated appointment reminder feature, making it simple and adding no extra workload onto your front desk staff.

Establishing a Clear Cancellation Policy

No cancellation policy, no loss. (That’s how our clients view it, anyway). Without establishing a clear cancellation policy that states what could be at stake if an appointment is canceled without a sufficient warning or missed entirely, you are losing out on a booth that could be filled by someone else. Clients will be less likely to cut their losses if they are informed of what they’ll be charged for when doing so. It’s up to you to decide what and how strict your cancellation policy should be, but one thing is for sure. Make sure it is visible everywhere, both online and in your salon.  Make sure you get the client to agree to your policy in writing (or digital signature) in case of a credit card chargeback.  You will need proof that the client agreed to be charged for a no-show!

Increasing the Amount of Re-Occurring Clients

While gaining a new client is wonderful, nothing beats building a strong and loyal salon clientele. Instead of putting all of your time and energy towards reeling in new, one-time clients, focus on what you can do to improve your client retention. A client that hasn’t yet established a relationship with you (and may not be interested in doing so) is more likely to miss an appointment than a re-occurring client.

You can read more on our best practices for salon client retention here.