25 Simple Video Ideas for Promoting Your Hair Salon

25 Simple Video Ideas for Promoting Your Hair Salon

25 Simple Video Ideas

When it comes to salon digital marketing, videos can be a powerful tool to engage with your online audience. While video marketing on social media might be most popular, there are other ways to promote your hair salon with videos, such as your Google Business Profile and your website.

If coming up with creative salon-related video ideas feels too time-consuming, here is a list of 25 simple video ideas to use on social media and beyond:

1. Google Business Profile Introduction:

Record a video introducing your salon on your Google Business Profile, highlighting your unique selling points, including your services, recurring specials, and interior design. Just be sure that your videos follow Google's policies.

2. Website Welcome Video:

Add a video to your website's home page, offering a warm welcome to visitors and providing an overview of your salon experience. This could also be used as your website's header.

3. Service Spotlight:

Create videos focusing on specific salon services, such as haircuts, coloring, or styling techniques, showcasing the process and results.

4. Stylist Profiles:

Feature individual videos introducing each of your stylists, sharing their expertise, specialties, and personalities. Encourage them to include a fun fact or hobby in addition to their work experience to make your team more personable to potential clients.

5. Client Testimonials:

With permission, record short video testimonials from satisfied clients, sharing their positive experiences at your salon. If they had a positive experience with a particular stylist, this is also another way to highlight your employees.

Tip: Don’t forget to also encourage these clients to leave a review on your Yelp or Google profile. 

6. Tutorial Series/How-To's:

Develop a series of tutorials demonstrating various hair styling techniques or tips for at-home hair care.

7. Trend Updates:

Share videos discussing the latest hair trends, explaining how you've incorporated them into your salon looks.

8. Expert Hair Care Advice:

Record educational videos offering professional advice on hair care, common hair problems, or maintaining healthy hair.

9. Salon Events & Workshops:

Record highlights from your salon's events, workshops, or educational sessions, showcasing the value you provide to your clients.

10. Before-and-After Transformations:

Document your best before-and-after transformations, showcasing the skill and artistry of your stylists.

Tip: Include details in the caption, such as what the client’s desired look was and how you achieved it.

11. Product Demo:

Take a video of a stylist using a product (on themselves or a client) that you wish to highlight. This is a great way to draw attention to your retail selection and boost sales.

12. Client Spotlights:

Slightly different than a traditional testimonial, interview loyal clients and share their unique stories. Discuss their hair journey and how your salon has positively impacted their life.

13. Salon Culture:

Offer a glimpse into your salon's culture by sharing videos that showcase the friendly atmosphere and teamwork between your staff, including your front desk & management team.

Tip: Don’t forget things such as beauty conferences and monthly or quarterly outings.

14. Salon Tour and Amenities:

In addition to the general salon introduction, take a virtual tour focusing only on the interior of your salon, highlighting its unique features, amenities, and comfortable ambiance.

Tip: This is a perfect way to highlight amenities such as a coffee bar, wine bar, or photo opportunity.

15. Expert Product Recommendations:

As opposed to a product demo, share videos recommending high-quality hair care products and explaining their benefits for different hair types. While this can also drive sales towards your retail selection, it mostly establishes your knowledge.

16. Styling Hacks:

Based on your industry knowledge, have your stylists showoff their favorite trending hair looks.

Example: How to style a claw clip.

17. Seasonal Promotions:

Announce and promote seasonal specials, discounts, or packages. Don't forget about recurring specials.

Example: Refer a friend & receive 10% off your next appointment.

18. Behind the Scenes with Stylists:

Capture behind-the-scenes footage of your stylists prepping for an appointment, working on clients' hair, and cleaning their station. Don't be afraid to catch a few bloopers.

19. Collab with Influencers:

Reach to influencers on social media and offer them a discount on a service you offer, in exchange for posting about the positive experience they'll have at your salon.

20. Salon Success Stories:

Share a dramatic hair transformation that focuses on the client's hair journey and newfound confidence.

21. Interview An Expert:

Host a virtual discussions with an industry expert, covering topics such as hair trends, styling techniques, or haircare advice.

Tip: If you have a salon coach, this would be a great opportunity to both learn more from them & establish credibility to your online audience.

22. Debunk A Hair Myth:

Address common haircare myths and debunk them using both your industry knowledge and personal experiences.

Example: You Should shampoo oily hair daily.

23. Community Engagement:

Document your salon's involvement in community events, or any events that you've hosted where you've partnered with other local businesses and organizations.

Examples: Raffles, giveaways, etc.

24. Your Salon Story:

Tell the story of how your salon came to be, including any inspirations or meaningful experiences that led to its opening.

25. FAQs:

Answer any frequently asked questions that you've noticed from your current clients that might be helpful to future clients.

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